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Environmental impacts typology: a methodological proposal

This article suggests an approach to the integration of the environmental dimension in polluting industrial plants based on two genuine cases and on the typology of the significant environmental impacts. It consists of suggesting a methodology for integrating the environmental dimension which is based, first, on setting up some environmental indicators and, then, on deducing the significant environmental impacts for the sake of controlling them. The suggested approach highlights two field realities that Algerian industrial companies face: the first reality concerns the deficiency of the ISO 14000 certification notably when it is in its continuous improvement stage, and the second one concerns the curative actions which dominate those of regulation and prevention. The latter assessment is highlighted thanks to the suggested process of perpetuation.

Keywords: environmental impact, environmental pollution, typology, integration, environment, industrial pollution, environmental indicators, Algeria, ISO 14000 certification, continuous improvement, environmental management, environmental standards

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