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Environmental incident response, North-East England


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The Remediation Strategies Response Team were called-out to a manufacturing facility to assist with a potential pollution incident arising from contamination of the site’s surface water drainage system.  During weekend work, a concrete cutting contractor had disposed of a large volume of concrete cutting slurry into the site’s surface water drainage system.  This material had a very high fines content and was anticipated to be extremely problematic (in terms of BOD, COD and turbidity/suspended solids) if not properly controlled and prevented from migrating into nearby surface water courses.

A consequence of the rapid disposal of this concrete cutting slurry during dry weather conditions was that in most cases, blockage of the drainage network had occurred, limiting the migration of the slurry to within the site boundary.

Work Scope

Upon arrival on site, Remediation Strategies liaised with site staff and undertook an inspection of the site surface water outfalls to ensure no active discharge of slurry impacted water was occurring.  Temporary measures to seal the site’s surface water drainage network were then installed.  Using Remediation Strategies pumping equipment and IBC containers available at the site, works were then undertaken to remove the concrete cutting waste slurry as far as reasonably possible.  It was further identified that lateral concrete cutting slurry impact beyond the drainage chambers had occurred and that a number of blockages remained within the system.

Remediation Strategies recommended that a specialist jetting contractor be mobilised at the earliest opportunity to both clean and jet the drainage chambers and to jet the blocked lateral drainage system.  This could also be coupled with an uplift of all recovered concrete cutting slurry from the initial pumping works.

At the request of the client, Remediation Strategies later appointed and supervised jetting sub-contractors in the drain clearance works.  To provide full site protection during these works, Remediation Strategies installed temporary measures to seal the site drainage network during these works to ensure any contamination mobilised by the jetting works could not potentially migrate off-site and impact surface waters.


Remediation Strategies were called to a site where weekend workers had disposed of concrete cutting slurry into the surface water drainage system.  Works on site included the implementation of temporary containment measures, initial drain pumping works to expose the drainage chambers and drainage network (identified to be both impacted and blocked) and latterly the appointment and supervision of drain jetting contractors to clean all chambers and blocked drains and uplift all recovered waste materials off-site.

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