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Environmental management as strategy: the case of Scooters India Ltd.

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Scooters India Ltd. had plenty of economic and environmental problems in running its business. People and in particular, the promoters, were of the view that there is no possibility for company to recover. However, the firm was able to make a radical change and recover due to the innovative approach it adopted in various aspects of business including the environmental management. It spread environmental awareness, innovated products and processes and launched an approach for greening of the management and people including stakeholders. The present article, after briefly introducing the status of Indian automobile industry and environmental issues therein, describes how environmental management as part of corporate strategy adopted by the company not only helped its successful turnaround but also ensured its sustainability. This is only an individual case, yet very fruitful as it indicates that environmental management is not only for big multinational companies but can be practiced successfully by mid-size industries and even in the developing countries.

Keywords: sustainable development, environmental management, business strategy, India, automobile industry, industrial ecology, developing countries, SMEs, scooters, exhaust emissions, air pollution

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