Environmental management strategy drives growth and profits


Courtesy of Environmental Risk Managers, Inc.

This competitive environmental intelligence overviews the environmental Strategist™ step by step process “how” to develop and execute your environmental Management Strategy (eMS) to drive growth and profits.

What Is Your Environmental Footprint?

Businesses are being told they need to be green, sustainable, transparent, carbon neutral/friendly…. How can a business meet the environmental demands being placed on them by customers, clients, employees, government, tree huggers…. while remaining viable and competitive?

First you have to know “What is your environmental footprint?” Is government reporting required? Are you impacted by SOX, SAB 92 ruling, FIN 47? Do you generate a waste stream, air emissions, storm water runoff….? Do you use TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) chemicals? Should you get ISO 14000 certified? Do you have a neighbor contaminating your property? Underground or above ground storage tanks? Brownfield’s? LEEDS?

To move forward and profit a business needs a proven strategy that will assist them to compete in today’s business environment. Over the past 20 years environmental Strategist™ (eS), has developed the Environmental Management Strategy (eMS)

An eMS gives you not only your environmental footprint but your starting point from which to build. The better defined your starting point, the more control you will have in being able to minimize risk, maximize value and optimize performance to drive your growth and profits. An eMS is an evolving strategy based upon doing better today than yesterday and doing better tomorrow than today.

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