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Environmental measurements at Monte Cimone GAW station


Continuous atmospheric CO
measurements performed by IAFMC at Mt. Cimone Observatory in the period 1980–2009 were analysed in order to select data representing background concentrations. A filtering technique was used to smooth background data and to separate the annual cycle from the long-term increase. The average growth rate of CO
was found to be 1.708 ± 0.003 ppm/year, while annual cycle amplitude was 11.42 ± 1.48 ppm. From spectrum analysis of detrended data significant interannual contributions (periods of about four years and of about 2.5 years) were found. Moreover, a strong positive correlation between CO
growth rate and global temperature anomalies was found. A statistical model was applied on column ozone data measured in Sestola in the period 1979–2010 in order to separate natural cyclic contributions from the anthropogenic contribution, which is given by a piecewise-linear trend with a turning point in January 1996. We estimated a trend equal to –1.61 ± 0.41 D.U./year before turning point, and a trend of +1.06 ± 1.18 D.U./year after turning point. Finally, a net decrease in annual maximum of near-noon UV index was found from 2005 in Sestola and in the period 1996–2009.

Keywords: global warming, environmental measurements, atmospheric CO 2 concentrations, column ozone, UV index

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