Environmental Monitoring in an Emu Farm



Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the comprehensive environmental monitoring system for a large emu farm’s animal husbandry project. The farm’s male emus were devoted parents, incubating their partners’ eggs. Given that they neither ate nor drank while on duty, their owners needed to know if they were developing any health risks during this dedicated eight-week fast. A clutch of 9-11 eggs were laid over approximately 27-30 days, and since incubation often began before the last couple of eggs were laid, these last-laid eggs needed to develop 3-6 days faster than the others. In order to accurately temperature profile the incubation process, the owners required accurate data from 54 recording channels and easy connection with a computer. For this ambitious application, the farm needed a flexible monitoring system which could measure temperature, humidity, and many other parameters and connect to thermocouples, RTDs, for high-accuracy recordings. This device would also need to include user-friendly software for quick configuration and analysis.


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