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Environmental Opportunities - Summer 2007


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UK Trade & Investment published the “UK: a world leader in Environmental solutions” on 1 March - a competitive advantage statement for the UK environmental goods and services sector. It was launched by The Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP, Minister of State for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs.

McCartney said “Environmental issues are rising up the political and commercial agenda around the world. In the UK,
perhaps more than in any other country, the political drive for environmental improvements has been matched from the
outset by a determination to capitalise on the huge global business opportunities they represent. Today the UK is a world leader in the environmental industries field. As this guide from the Environmental Sector Advisory Group (ESAG) comprehensively demonstrates, the sector is set apart by the depth and breadth of its offer”.

Colin Drummond, Chair of ESAG said “UK competitive advantage has been the focus of ESAG’s work over the past 18 months. It is clear from this work that the UK is a world leader in environmental improvement and is excellently placed to exploit the burgeoning worldwide opportunities in environmental goods and services. This publication summarises the ten main advantages that differentiate the UK from our competitors in the international EGS sector and provides case studies to showcase each” (see p7).

It is clear from these messages from both the Minister and Colin Drummond, that the UK environmental sector is a major supplier of environmental technologies and solutions in the global market place and we in EISU/UK Trade & Investment have started a marketing programme to disseminate these messages overseas. However, it is of equal importance that you within the UK sector recognises our strengths in this dynamic and rapidly growing global industry and make sure your company is well positioned to exploit international business opportunities.

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