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Environmental problems of Canakkale City and solutions

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Environmental problems are getting more serious in almost every region of Turkey. They occur for many reasons and take many forms. Canakkale City has potential for both domestic and international tourism, because of its rich historical past and natural and cultural resources. However, in common with other parts of the country, Canakkale faces environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, solid wastes, noise pollution, and negative effects on flora and fauna. The maintenance of historical and architectural texture, and the establishment of new settlement areas in suitable parts of the city, are not taken into consideration sufficiently when investments are made in both transportation and industrial areas. This research was conducted under three main headings: analysis, evaluation and synthesis. The aim was to make some recommendations dealing with the domestic problems, such as the improvement of the city as a contemporary settlement, the development of urban settlements and industrialisation, and the improvement of the lifestyle of the city residents.

Keywords: Canakkale, environmental impact assessment, landscape architecture, pollution, Turkey, urbanisation

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