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Environmental sludge treatment


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During the process of wastewater treatment, sludge generation is an important and at times crucial issue to be addressed as inadequate sludge handling system can pose serious environmental implications.

Liquid sludge can be easily thickened and reduced to a solid cake via sludge thickening / dewatering. This reduces the volume of liquid sludge significantly, usually resulting in a quite substantial net saving in sludge disposal costs.

Different technologies are required as the properties of the liquid sludge vary from municipalities to industries. The sludge can be organic or inorganic as a consequence of treatment process and each of this sludge variety needs specific handling before it is fit for disposal as a client's requirement which sometimes is dictated by the environmental issues in their respective areas.

As environmental sludge treatment specialist DOYEN has developed various models belt filter presses for different sludge dewatering applications. With over 200 installations,DOYEN offers a full range of sludge dewatering equipment that provides superior performance, mechanical reliability, long-life durability, and user friendly features. Contact us now for more details.

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