Environmental Software Increases Effiency


Courtesy of IHS Markit

ESP (Environmental Software Providers) celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. The software company’s products enable efficient emissions tracking and environmental compliance, as well as helping companies navigate the newly emerging emissionsallowance-trading arena. ESP’s opsEnvironmental™ suite is now in use to manage compliance at over a thousand facilities throughout North America, while its ecoAsset Manager™ software is currently responsible for tracking more than two-thirds of all SO2 allowances, or approximately $30 billion worth of assets. A unique aspect of ESP’s business model is its user-centric approach to software development. Software users participate actively in the development process by attending User Group meetings at which they have an opportunity to voice their concerns, discuss industry and technology changes, and vote on features and functionality for new software versions. ESP’s active User Group now includes over a hundred leading companies in the petrochemical, energy, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries. With a diverse group of industries using the software, user participation in the development process helps ensure that the software continues to evolve in line with the environmental management needs of each of these industries.

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