Bangalore University, India

Environmental Sound Technologies for Harnessing Urban Wastes

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Courtesy of Bangalore University, India

Global commitment by Nations with time bound action plans to protect human health, safeguard finite resources and preserve ecological vitality blossomed in AGENDA-21. Environmental Sound Technologies (ESTs) referred as technically, financially, and culturally much beneficial tools over conventional methods are today available for Harnessing Urban Wastes (UNEP-IETC,1999). Networking Institutions, Information Systems and Technologies involved with ESTs and EIAs world over reveal that conventional technologies are less reliable and less effective. In India, some of the primary constraints to adopt ESTs seems to be the national standards that protect inadvertently the coalition of rejection and a reactive urban planning process at local levels. In this paper status of urban waste management systems compliance to Agenda-21 guidelines and EIA in India with a case study are discussed.

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