Environmental Strategist Certification

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Environmental Strategist Certification: www.estrategist.com

For business professionals (insurance agents, attorneys, bankers, accountants, realtors, environmental engineers, business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and risk managers) interested in leveraging their business model in today’s sustainable business environment, www.estrategist.com is the first step you take on your sustainable path.

Becoming a certified environmental Strategist™ (eS) will equip you with the knowledge to identify, manage and transfer environmental exposures impacting every day business. Since every business is impacted by environmental exposures, today’s sustainable business environment is driving demand for certified eS.

The eS business strategy allows business transactions to naturally move forward while solving problems, growing profits, improving product quality, services…. With more than two decades of development www.estrategist.com is the game changer for business professionals looking to gain a competitive edge and businesses that want to remain competitive.

Chris Bunbury, President of environmental Strategist gave a few examples of how eS online will assist business professionals.

For attorney’s, bankers, realtors, CEO’s, CFO’s and risk managers utilizing traditional environmental indemnifications in contracts, rarely is there a requirement for a financial assurance mechanism to meet the indemnification. Certified eS know how to fill this critical contractual gap.

Every commercial insured an insurance professional works with is impacted by environmental exposures. As Bunbury points out, “insurance professionals not discussing environmental exposures with client’s, may find themselves in an E&O suit when a client experiences an environmental liability.”

Environmental engineers looking to grow beyond traditional storage tank work, environmental site assessments… will learn how eS drive demand for a broad spectrum of their professional services.

Earning your eS certification is a commitment (6 hours of online training and certification test), so to make it more convenient the online training is self pace.

Certified eS are able to use the environmental Strategist name and logo on business cards, letter head and advertisements identifying them as an environmental specialist and industry leader.

In closing Bunbury said, “a certified eS not only distinguishes themselves as an industry leader but they can better contribute in pro-actively addressing the most critical issue impacting the planet earth, human beings and the global economy, our environment.”

Contact: environmentalstrategist@gmail.com or call 231-256-2122 for questions or more information.

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