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Environmental Technicians – It’s a Dirty Job


Courtesy of Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.

But someone’s got to do it.

Environmental Technicians are unsung heroes at Global. Their job isn’t glamorous. And while they’re not diving to great depths or piloting ROVs, the services our Enviro Techs provide are absolutely vital to Global, to our clients, and to the environment.

Along with providing preventive booming and spill response services, our Enviro Techs play a key role in marine casualty response and derelict vessel removal. They mitigate fuel and oil spills from sinking vessels and clean up debris. They remove fuel, oil and wastewater during salvage operations. They haul out derelict vessels so they can be scrapped for recycling. They do countless other tasks that vary from day to day and job to job.

It’s usually messy, and often uncomfortable – Enviro Techs work in rain or shine, hot or cold, in just about every environment imaginable. But there are some major perks – the pay is great and they’re usually working off of a boat or on a beach instead of being stuck in an office all day. On a larger scale, they help keep our beaches and waterways cleaner and safer for everyone. These men and women have a drive to help whenever and wherever they’re needed, and are passionate about doing their job and doing it well – and that’s a reward in itself.

Our Environmental Technicians played a key role in a recent large-scale derelict vessel removal project. Check out the video to learn more about all they did to help clean up the site.

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