Environmental toxins in Minister`s blood

The laboratories of Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), have analyzed the blood of Karita Bekkemellem, Minister in the Norwegian Government, for environmental pollutants. The results show that she, like everyone else, has several different pollutants in the body. The study was performed by NILU on behalf of the Norwegian Consumer Council.

There is growing concern world-wide over environmental pollutants (both organic and inorganic) and possible effects on human health.

The Norwegian Consumer Council wanted to analyze the blood of a high ranking Norwegian politician, and at the same time analyze eleven of their own employees.

NILU found noticeable levels of several pollutants in all the blood samples. The levels found are not thought to represent a health hazard, but since the toxins accumulate in humans from generation to generation, there is growing concern about the health affects in the future.

Environmental toxins in Minister's blood

The NILU laboratory

The NILU chemical laboratory consists of an inorganic and an organic section. The inorganic laboratory handles about 100.000 determinations of nitrogen, sulphur and heavy metals annually. Most of the samples analysed are air samples. However, samples of precipitation, water, plants and soil are also being analysed on routine basis.

The organic analytical programme includes samples of air, precipitation, water and biological materials of various kinds. NILU is continuously developing advanced methods for preparation and analyses of organic environmental pollutants.

The laboratory is internationally recognised for the development and analyses of dioxins and other chloro-organic compounds. The laboratories for inorganic and organic analysis are equipped with highly advanced instruments and are accredited according to NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

NILU has been working on determination of pollutants in environmental samples since the 1970s and has acquired extensive experience in this field.

NILU`s laboratories are accreditated according to NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation number is P 008.

Today, the laboratory covers a very broad range of organic and inorganic pollutants and is highly competent both in chemical analysis and in evaluating environmental consequences. NILU has state-of-the-art analytical equipment, including several high-resolution mass spectrometers. The staff is highly competent and ranges from laboratory technicians to highly experienced and recognized scientists.

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