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Environmental understanding of agro-based industrial systems and sustainable development

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Today agro-based industrial zero emissions systems (AIZES) enjoy significant adoption in many countries around the world and widespread attention from the research community. However, it seems that additional awareness through environmental education of zero emissions system is still necessary in society as much as on waste management, recycling, reuse and modification as well as the vision behind AIZES. In this paper, an overview and closer description of the concepts for finding 'zero emission' are given. Further on, the relation of zero emission systems and sustainable development will be discussed. The paper will also point out the principles of 'zero emissions' emerging in a AIZES. The vision, benefits, challenges, opportunities as well as concept of waste prevention through utilisation of all wastes as process inputs will be reviewed in the paper's sections. Also, what we have learned from case study will be displayed to illustrate the application of the aggregated material in a widespread processing industry.

Keywords: zero emissions, waste prevention, sustainable development, sustainability, environmental education

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