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Environmentally Friendly Elimination of the World`s Contaminants

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About UltraZyme

UltraZyme is a highly concentrated, proprietary blend of selected natural micro-organisms, essential nutrients, and synergists which help degrade the high concentrations of fat, grease, oil, blood, floating matter, and organic matter found in processing wastes from a number of sources. Possible applications include meat plants, (poultry, fish, beef, pork, etc.) oil spills, waste lagoons, chemical spills, waste deposits and any other type of waste clean up requirements. It is effective in anaerobic and facultative lagoons, aerated systems, trickling filters, septic tanks and landfill sites. It degrades materials, which reduce BOD and COD, improves settling in clarifiers, and reduces suspended solids.UltraZyme will quickly destroy grease and fat build-up in grease interceptors, drains, sewer lines, pumps and lift stations just to name a few and is suitable for use in meat, poultry, hog and egg production.

UltraZyme cultures are a blend of facultative anaerobes originally derived from the soil, which utilize non-living organic matter as a food source. The cultures are not harmful to either aquatic or land plants or animals and have been released into marine and fresh water treatment areas with total ecological safety. UltraZyme is 82% biodegraded in just 14 days and totally biodegraded in 28 days.

Regular use will also help:

Reduce overall sludge volume in clarifiers, DAF plants and treatment lagoons through enhanced biodegradation and help cause good settling characteristics.
Provide optimized degradation of organic wastes, including fecal, blood and fats from animal slaughterhouses and meat and poultry production operations.
Reduce the population of hydrogen sulfide forming bacteria and foul odors associated with them.
Improve anaerobic digestion and increase production of useful methane gas from indigenous methogenic bacteria by providing partially digested substrate for these bacteria to further metabolize.
Digests hydrocarbon deposits and sludge in seawater, fresh water and soils etc.

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