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Environmentally friendly - Tank in a box


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Bolted steel water storage tanks have been used for many years with great success and low levels of environmental impact.  Individual steel panels are precision crafted in dedicated factories, then assembled on the job site. As only a small amount of work is required in the field, local impact is very minimal.  Bolted steel storage tanks are sometimes referred to as a “Tank in a Box” due to their unique design which allows them to be packed and easily shipped anywhere in the world. The tanks kits come complete with hardware and fittings and are ready to erect upon arrival with little environmental effect.

Modern tank manufacturing plants are environmentally friendly and include numerous pollution control systems, energy conservation practices and recycling programs. Tanks feature an ecologically sensitive powder coating which is applied as a dry powder instead of a wet paint. The powder coating is applied to all tank components in a negative pressure room and air from the area is thoroughly filtered before it is released to the atmosphere. The powder coating material and the application process produce no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are considered a toxic substance and regulated by government agencies due to the environmental impact. Other tank coatings such as liquid paint produce VOCs and therefore can negatively impact the environment. In addition, powder coating material which does not adhere to the steel panels is collected and reused thereby reducing waste. As the final finish is applied to all parts at the manufacturing facility, the need for sand blasting and spray painting in the field is eliminated, reducing site pollution and noise. The powder coating process does not require extremely high temperatures to cure the coating, thereby reducing energy consumption. To increase the energy efficiency of large machinery, parts are processed in batches. Scrap metal and remnant material is recycled instead of being thrown out to further decrease environmental impact.

Bolted steel tanks are delivered to the job site in only one or two truckloads and therefore the amount of transport traffic is minimized. In addition, only basic site work is required and as a result the amount of noise and traffic is decreased. As the installation time of a bolted steel tank is only 1/3 of other tank designs, the time the site is impacted is significantly less. The risk of fire during installation is eliminated as bolted steel tanks do not require welding and other hot work. 

Due to the increased durability of the powder coating, the initial coating lifespan is longer than the conventional field applied paint. This longer renovation cycle therefore decreases the environmental impact associated with recoating.

All of these factors combine together to provide a durable and long lasting water storage solution with very low environmental impact. As environmental impact is becoming more important, many people are considering a “Tank in a Box”.

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