Environmentally safe combustion of corrosive solvents


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- IFM4c/350/100
Commissioning     2002
Site     EMS DOTTIKON (Dottikon, CH)

By September 2002 EMS Dottikon AG had started the operation of the new production plant for pharmaceutical substances. As a result of the drying process 0..100Nm³/h off-gas is expelled batch wise. The main compound is nitrogen with a carry over of several gaseous solvents (VOC).


The following requirements needed to be met:

  • Extraction of the off-gas belonging to EX-Zone 0 with no impact on the drying process
  • Complete combustion to meet the German TA Luft and Swiss LRV regulations
  • Meeting the safety requirements, especially those for hazardous areas
  • Rapid operation readiness and high availability

The off-gas is incinerated in a vertical combustion chamber lined with ceramic fibre insulation. The incineration takes place at a temperatures of >1000°C and at a residence time of > 0.3 seconds.
When the calorific value of the off gas is dropping during operation support fuel is added automatically keeping the combustion at a constant temperature.
To meet the requirements of the Ex-zone 0 hazardous area for the off-gas and production plant, the extraction and combustion system is designed with three levels of redundancy.

Client’s Benefits

  • Low cost solution for the safe and environmental friendly disposal of the off-gas.
  • Low emission combustion meeting the prescribed regulation limits
  • High safety level with regard to the explosive off-gas
  • High availability of the plant, no impact on the production process
  • Short readiness for operation with no interference to the production side


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