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EnviroSolutions, Inc. Responds to Increased Popularity of Organic Waste Recycling


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Most Americans are well aware of the concept of recycling and why it is important to the future of the planet. Government agencies and environmental groups have long stressed the need to place more waste into the recycle bin and less into the trash container. From paper to plastic and everything in between, “single-stream” recycling has grown in popularity in recent years. Also known as “comingle” recycling, consumers have the luxury of placing their commonly recycled items into a single bin that is later sorted by a waste solution provider.

While single-stream recycling provides an important service that impacts the waste industry, it often overshadows another form of recycling that is equally beneficial to our environment: organic or food waste.

In a recent article by the Iowa City Press, 'Turning Waste into Compost,' local manufacturing plant Hubbard Feeds was featured for its innovative efforts to recycle “organic” or “food” waste. In 2012, the plant’s superintendent opted to divert 12 tons of organic waste each month away from landfills and to composting companies. Composting companies utilize the organic waste by producing and selling compost back to consumers, creating a full-circle cycle of sustainability.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. offers food waste recycling for supermarkets, commercial kitchens, and event organizers that generate a significant amount of food and organic waste. Apparent “trash,” such as wood waste, animal bedding, and land clearing debris, are all ideal for the creation of high quality compost. EnviroSolutions, Inc. provides its clients with the proper containers and waste collection through its food waste-recycling program. The organic waste is then transformed into compost to be utilized by the landscaping and agricultural industries.

“It’s another way that we try to keep our environmental impact down,” says Gary Hewes, Vice President of Operations at EnviroSolutions, Inc. “Composting is a popular way to reuse those materials which are biodegradable, resulting in good base soils and fertilizers.”

Because each client has unique needs, EnviroSolutions, Inc. offers customized food waste programs, designed to efficiently reduce traditional waste with minimal expense and time.

Other common forms of recycling offered by EnviroSolutions, Inc. include the recycling of glass, plastic, paper, aluminum construction materials, and electronic devices and accessories.

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For over a decade, EnviroSolutions has been providing waste collection, disposal and recycling services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. With a targeted focus on customer service and safety, as well as a commitment to the environmental health and the communities of the areas they serve, EnviroSolutions provides complete waste service to the regions they serve including trash hauling, landfill services, and recycling services. Visit ESIWaste.com today for more information.


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