Eonfusion: The next generation of geospatial software

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In modern time, the ability to explore the oceans has been inextricably linked to the evolution and development of marine technology. Over the past 20 years, the steady evolution of hardware design has resulted in increased sampling rates, data volumes and resolutions. Furthermore, improvements in the manufacturing of marine technology have decreased the overall cost of hardware which has expanded the user base of higher end technology. However, while these improvements have resulted in higher quality oceanographic data being collected over much larger spatial areas, the ability to analyze & quantify this data is limited to a combination of 2-D static geospatial software packages and/or command line driven signal processing software packages. Time series analysis of these complex data sets is essentially limited to a single point in space. Furthermore, even with recent improvements in 3-dimensional visualization, users are still limited to a single point in time within this higher end graphical space. The net results of these limitations often leave researchers to rely upon a best guess approach in determining the important events in their time series and visually bland graphics to deliver the message.
Over the past 3 years, The Myriax Group has taken upon themselves to find a solution to these limitations through the Eonfusion Project. The result has been a software based solution that provides data fusion of a wide variety of environmental data formats into a revolutionary 4-dimensional graphical space. Users now possess the ability to perform an intuitive, multi-dimensional time-series analysis without limitations based upon scale or source.

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