EP Election Manifesto (short version)


Courtesy of European Environmental Bureau

EU elections 2004: key targets for the next 5 years

Decisions concerning the environment are increasingly being made at the European level. This makes sense: polluted air and water does not respect borders, Europe's products are being used and eaten everywhere, industry insists on common standards throughout the Union.

Also, unlike in the field of foreign policy, where national governments hold sway, the European Parliament has a strong say in shaping environment policies and has, historically, been a keen advocate of consumer, health and environment issues. Europe now has one of the toughest legislations anywhere in the world on the labelling of genetically-modified food, for example.

Anyone who cares about the environment and its impact on our health and quality of life should therefore look closely at the policies of candidates standing for election to the European Parliament on 10-13 June. We all have our own opinions about the European Union and the way it works, but the decisions of the European Parliament matter. The new Parliament (2004-2009) will get to decide, for example, on the following five key issues.

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