EPA award winner says Aeration Industries helped achieve it!


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

' Since 1986, the AIRE-O2® aerators have operated 24 hours a day…and seven aerators have required no new parts replacements! '


Although this is a relatively small Midwestern USA town, the surge of summer-time tourists posed special challenges to the municipality’s wastewater treatment system. The flows tripled from 0.2 MGD (757 m 3/day) to 0.6 MGD (2271 m 3/day) into its aerated lagoon during summer. Another challenge was maintaining efficient treatment during its severe frigid winters.


In 1986, the town installed 14 AIRE-O2® aerators in the lagoon. The supervisor reports, 'Our aerators run seven days-a-week, 365 days a year' (except for two 15 minute bi-yearly maintenance checks). The aerators run smoothly year-round to accommodate the higher flows and decreased detention times in summer and severe conditions in winter. 'We have had a few times when the temperatures dipped to -50 F degrees, and we did experience total ice cover. But, because the AIRE-O2® units pull in oxygen from surface air and mix it under the water, they still do an excellent job.' He added, 'We have never had a permit violation.'


The superintendent likes the dependability, ease, and operational savings of the aerators. Of the original aerators purchased almost 14 years ago, seven have required no new parts. 'Our repair costs have been minimal,' he said. 'I feel Aeration Industries definitely had a part in helping us achieve this award. After receiving the award, we started getting calls from all over the country from people wanting to know how we do it! Aeration Industries is a real good outfit,' he added. 'They can answer any question. Many different companies who tried to talk me into changing my system have approached me. But, they can’t offer me anything better than I have right now.'

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