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EPA - China case study

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The first online air quality monitoring network for a 27 km2 industrial area

The monitored area

  • Situated south of Shanghai, in Zhejiang province
  • Heavily industrialized area
  • Main activity: fine chemicals
  • 10 plants under surveillance, under the authority of the Chinese governmental agency for environmental protection (EPA)


  • To respond to the environmental monitoring strategy launched by the Chinese government
  • To monitor the levels of odor and gas pollutant emissions from many industrial sites in the pilot province of Zhejiang, before considering a larger scale deployment
  • To evaluate the contribution of each site in terms of the impact on the neighborhood: odor, VOC, H2S,

RQ Box Anywhere solution including:

  • 20 RQ Box electronic noses
    • 15 noses installed on industrial chimneys. At each measurement point, sampling, drying and effluent dilution is provided by a DnD (Dry and Dilute) sampler, located upstream of the RQ Box analyzer.
    • 5 noses placed at different points of interest, outside of the industrial sites: schools, etc.
  • a network of 4 weather stations
  • an Ethernet communication system and a web server for the centralization of data
  • a web site with secure access for remote access to results
  • 4D atmospheric dispersion modeling software

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