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EPA Compliant Due to Sufficient Solvent Recovery - Case Study


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Customer: Con-Test Analytical Laboratories, USA

Con-Test Analytical Laboratory provides environmental and hygiene analytical services with the capability of analyzing nearly all water, air, soil, and solid materials.

Application: US EPA 608

US EPA Method 608 covers the determination of certain organochlorine pesticides found in industrial waste water. The sample is first extracted with methylene chloride, concentrated to 1 mL and analyzed by GC/MS instrumentation. The concentration step is paramount and must be done on a system that provides sufficient solvent and analyte recovery.

Equipment: Syncore Analyst R-12 with V-700 Vacuum Pump, V-855 Vacuum Controller and F-108 Recirculating Chiller

The Syncore Analyst concentrates samples to a pre-defined volume due to its chilled appendage technology. It comes equipped with a solvent recovery system that is capable of collecting >95 % of solvent when a decent vacuum gradient and 450 mbar end vacuum is applied.

Benefit / Conclusion: >95 % solvent recovery

Environmental laboratories play a pioneering role in benign use and recycling of organic solvents and therefore strictly controlled by governmental bodies. The Syncore Analyst protects users from EPA fines due to its sufficient solvent recovery system. Utilizing the gradient program on the V-855 vacuum controller allows for an automatize evaporation process, reducing labor time. Analyte recovery is increased due to the effect of the Flushback module that continuously rinses the glass walls free of analyte. The throughput is enhanced by the utilization of vacuum instead of N2 which allows for the manipulation of a solvents boiling point.

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