EPA intends to increase pace of chAMP activities


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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intends the Chemical Assessment and Management Program (ChAMP) to ensure the safety of existing chemicals. For stakeholders in the chemical community, ChAMP has important and immediate implications. This memorandum summarizes EPA’s ChAMP activities, the potential impact they could have on industry, and suggests ways to respond. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has asked the Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances to develop options to “ramp up efforts to assess, prioritize, and take action on existing chemicals, with particular emphasis on protecting children.” According to EPA, it plans to develop “a broader, more vigorous approach on existing chemicals, utilizing the full range of Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) regulatory tools, to reduce or eliminate risks from chemicals of concern.” For purposes of this memorandum, there are three key areas that industry must focus on under ChAMP:

1. EPA’s ongoing work to screen and prioritize chemicals to determine needs for the collection of additional data or the consideration of control measures;

2. EPA’s proposal to reset the TSCA Inventory; and

3. EPA’s proposal to develop an Inorganic High Production Volume (IHPV) Challenge Program.

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