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EPA’S 2010 proposed ozone NAAQS, presented at EUEC 2010


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Ozone NAAQS Overview

  • Background –Why are revisions already being proposed to the March 2008 Ozone NAAQS?
  • What are the proposed new ozone NAAQS?
  • Expected Timeline
  • Impacts

Recent Ozone Standard Revisions

  • Less than 2 years ago (March 12, 2008)EPA revised the 8-hour ozone standard
    • Primary and secondary standard: 0.075 ppm
  • Litigation Ensued
    • American Lung Association v. EPA, No. 08-1203
    • New York v. EPA, No. 08-1202
  • Change in EPA with New Administration
    • Filed motion to vacate briefing schedule, hold case in abeyance (March 4, 2009)
  • Why did EPA file this motion?
    • Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee recommendations vs. finalized ozone NAAQS

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