EPA`s mandatory GHG emissions reporting commences Jan 1st in US

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The Envinronmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced its new mandatory GHG reporting program will commence on January 1st 2010 with reports being due in 2011. The new mandatory GHG rule from the EPA brings some changes from the originally proposed rule. Some of the changes are outlined below.

Excluded from reporting are the following industries:

Electronics manufacturing
Ethanol production
Fluorinated GHG production
Food processing
Industrial landfills
Magnesium production
Oil and natural gas systems
SF6 from electrical equipment
Underground coal mines
Wastewater treatment
Suppliers of coal

Industries required to report include those facilities emitting more than 25,000 metric tons CO2e per year. These industries may include fossil fuel and natural gas suppliers, vehicle and engine makers (excluding light duty vehicles/engines), cement manufacturers, paper manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and others.

Best available data may be used for Q1 2010 in lieu of required monitoring. Extensions for use of best available data may be requested within the year 2010 but not beyond this time.

Calibration requirements for flow meters and monitors were added. Accuracy to 5% is specified.

The mandatory rule specifies reports are to be submitted to the EPA. Data collection was not delegated to the states.
The EPA is working to update the consolidated emissions reporting schema (CERS), the data schema used in submittals of Emission Inventories, to include GHG data. This standardized data format will assist in data exchange between federal, state, and local agencies as well as other GHG registries and protocols.
Reports may be submitted in an XML format via web based system that is currently under construction.

Records must be kept for 3 years under the mandatory rule. This is down from 5 years in the proposed rule.

Should a facility reduce their GHG emissions under the 25,000 tons CO2e per year limit for 5 consecutive years, they may cease annual GHG reporting to the EPA. Should a facility reduce their GHG emissions under 15,000 metric tons CO2e per year for 3 consecutive years, they may cease to report GHG emissions. Should a facility cease GHG emitting activities or shut down completely, reporting is not required.

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