EPD 2.0 – Pathway to product innovation


Courtesy of thinkstep

Building products manufacturers increasingly use LCA based information for their environmental communication. This is because ISO 14025 based Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) provide an ideal format and verification structure to deliver objective, transparent information. The EPDs themselves are used both in marketing and communication and in building assessment schemes (e.g. DGBN, LEED, BREEAM).

But LCA based EPDs go even further. In the “EPD 2.0 concept”, a new way of integrating life cycle management is introduced providing a starting point for process and product optimization, product related environmental management and sustainability communication. Based on a 3-step-approach, EPD 2.0 helps you to understand the current situation and the possible alternatives, assess new approaches, drive product innovation through eco-design and ensure market success for the long term by implementing life cycle thinking into the organization and the product design process.

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