Equipment case study: Gar-Binz finds a new way to “Grab” Business

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Courtesy of Waste Advantage Magazine

Gary Mac Lellan of Gar-Binz Waste Removal Services, Ltd. in Edmonton, Canada has always been innovative when it comes to making money. He’s been involved with everything from taking small odd jobs to handling both light and heavy construction. Mac Lellan recalls starting as a handy man with only $7 in his pocket and earning $20 for fixing a fence. Soon after his first project, the small jobs became plentiful and more involved as his reputation preceded him. He became so busy, in fact, that by the end of the year he’d brought in nearly $100,000 in profits.

Through the years, Mac Lellan expanded his growing construction business to include even larger renovation projects. He discovered that as the size of the worksites increased, so did the accumulation of refuse. Mac Lellan observed that, in some cases, the garbage haulers couldn’t keep up with removing the trash from the jobsites. Seeing that there was a niche to fill, Gary decided to purchase some rear loader garbage trucks of his own. Those trucks changed the way he looked at waste from that time forward. The compacting trucks made Mac Lellan realize that there were plenty of opportunities for him in the refuse industry. Thinking ahead, he decided to go with a hook loader system so that bins could be delivered and removed in a more convenient manner.

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