EQuIS© and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Private Well Testing Act


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Many military bases in the United States have had environmental clean-up programs in place since the early 1980’s.  On some of these facilities extensive multi-stage investigations and remediation projects have generated large amounts of data.  The management and effective use of the accumulated information for subsequent clean-up work is a daunting task unless electronic data management software tools are brought to the project.  In a number of cases early forms of these software tools were applied at the military bases; however, the systems were often proprietary and therefore no longer available if the associated consultant left the site.  Several environmental science software developers offer systems that can be used to make large data sets more accessible while facilitating data analysis, visualization and utilization.  EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System—EQuIS—does this through an ‘open systems’ philosophy that prevents “data hostage” situations.  EQuIS has been chosen by many military agencies and organizations, including the Sacramento District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, for the management of analytical chemistry and geology data.  The extensive integration with industry-standard applications for visualization and analysis make EQuIS a popular foundation for what is often an extensive environmental program or plan.

The implementation of EQuIS Geology at Hamilton Army Airfield by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District is reviewed.

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