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ERGELIT tape - impact protection for pipes


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The ERGELIT tape – a safe protection for steel, cast iron, cement and plastic pipes!


Put the tape into water, surplus water express and put the tape around the piping immediately. Render the withdrawing ERGELIT mortar. A further subsequent treatment is not necessary any longer. After approx. 1 hour a sufficient strength is achieved.

  • Due to the supply and disposal security of the citizen, the piping systems which are shifted in the underground have to be protected long-lasting. Time advantage and costs/ use have to come to a correct balance. The tape developed by ERGELIT covers the mentioned criteria.
  • Safety: high mechanic safety
  • Corrosion protection: passive protection by high density, active protection by alkali
  • Cost saving by time advantage: easy forming for the construction. No machinery, clean and friendly handling
  • The ERGELIT tape can be used in different fields of working:
  • As a mechanic protection at FZM – coated pipes, tube bends. Branchings, reductions with the new building also the protection of welded joint tapes can be loosened with the ERGELIT tape.
  • Corrosion protection by pipelines made of steel and cast iron which are shifted in wet spaces for example valve brackets, water tanks and so on.
  • The mentioned specifications apply also with renovation, repairs or subsequent protection work.
  • The ERGELIT tape – a safe protection for steel, cast iron, cement and plastic pipes!

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