Erosion control and slope stability project case study


Courtesy of Envirolok LLC

The steep un-vegetated slope at this lakeshore residence was eroding into the lake with every rain event. Record high lake levels combined with wave action eroded the base of the hillside causing severe hillside instability. During heavy rainfall events more and more of the hillside slipped into the stairwell and lake.

The residence owner was concerned with preserving the slope, overlook platform and stairway as well as protecting and preserving an Indian effigy mound at the top of the hill. Because of the sensitive nature of working near a cultural importance like effigy mounds, Envirolok was chosen due to its ability to be installed using low impact development techniques. Installation of the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall system, using native vegetation, soil bags, spikes, geogrid and earth anchors was successful in preserving the slope and effigy mound. The soil bags (encapsulating both sand and growing media) were installed from the lake’s edge up the sheer eroded slope. The bags were then stacked in a brick-like fashion, using geogrid and earth anchors to secure the structure to the steep slope.

After construction, the retaining wall was vegetated with native plants and seed. Plant plugs were inserted between the bags, and then the structure was hydroseeded with additional native seed.

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