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Essential Features of a Good Grout Steam Cleaner

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How does a grout steam cleaner differ from other cleaning machines? The main difference is in the sharpness and speed of cleaning. The joints between tiles and concrete blocks are usually the gathering grounds of dirt, dust, and other impure substances. It is not an easy task to dissolve and extract such buildups. The grout and dirt at the joints tend to stay off the radar of most of the cleaning equipment.

Only a grout steam cleaner with a sharp and powerful output can extract the dirt from grout and floor joints. Any steam cleaning equipment can be used for grout cleaning. However, it is advisable to use those machines that are specially designed for this purpose.

How would you identify such machines? Going by the claims of manufacturers and suppliers is not a good practice. They are forced to market their products at any cost. The best thing is to use your own judgment. Some essential features that a good grout steam cleaner must have are as follows:

Steam output
The process of extraction of grout and dirt in the floor joints usually has two steps. First, the substances have to be displaced. Second, these have to be removed. There are two methods for displacing the substances, one is using high temperature and another is high pressure. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Since high temperature output is sharper and more focused to a particular area than high pressure output, the former is considered more suitable for grout cleaning. So, that gives us the first essential feature of the best grout steam cleaner. The machine should have a high output temperature.

Floor steamers specifically designed for tile and grout cleaning generates a temperature of up to 310°F. Some of the more sophisticated recent machines offer an output temperature as high as 369°F. Such floor steamers can dissolve dirt that is strongly bonded to the surface or buried deep down the joints.

Dry vapor output
Another specialty of an ideal steam cleaner for tile and grout cleaning is dry vapor output. Dry vapor is super heated water, in which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent. It has a couple of benefits. For example, the output is sharper than normal steam output and is more efficient for grout cleaning.

Second, such steam cleaner machines let out only a small quantity of liquid water to the floor. As a result, the cleaned surfaces become dry very quickly. This is a huge advantage for commercial buildings and factory floors. However, for tile cleaning, higher pressure wet steam is effective, as wet steam quickly penetrates the tile and grout pores and washes away the residues.

Attached vacuum
This is a must for a grout steam cleaner. As already mentioned, the machine should have a facility to extract the displaced dirt and substances. An ordinary steam cleaning machine does not have the feature of vacuum extraction. Specialized tile steam cleaners are equipped with a vacuum that extracts the dissolved residues and dirt buildup.

Manual extraction of dirt can never reach the quality levels of automated vacuum extraction. The tile steam cleaners equipped with an attached vacuum make the cleaning not just more efficient, but quicker as well.



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