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Essential Tips for Starting a Mobile Car Washing Service

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A mobile car wash service can be a profitable business for people who do not mind working hard and showing a commitment toward their work. Often, the success of the business depends on two things. First, the attitude and integrity of the person who runs the business, and secondly, the quality and efficiency of the cleaning machines used. Since good attitude and integrity cannot be bought, let us deal only with the quality of the machines.

If you are smart and vigilant enough, you can easily buy a good quality mobile car wash machine at a reasonable price. This would go a long way in ensuring the success and profitability of the business. The following are some tips to buy the right kind of machines.

Which machines to buy?
Various types of cleaning machines can be found on the Internet. A majority of these machines are not suitable for car washing or other kinds of car detailing processes. While buying cleaning products, you should be mindful of the fact that an inappropriate machine can damage your vehicle.

It is always better and safer to buy specialized mobile car wash machines. Most of these portable cleaning machines are pressure wash systems, which are tweaked to ensure optimum performance in car washing jobs.

Pressure wash systems normally have two modes of portability. Either they are equipped with wheels or they can be mounted on trucks and trailers. The good thing about mobile car wash machines is that buyers can have both options. Most modern car pressure washers are equipped with removable wheels. When the need arises, the wheels can be removed and the machine can be fixed on a truck or trailer.

Large tanks
Another essential aspect for portable car pressure washers is the capability to attach large quantities of water. You would land in a tricky situation, if the tank becomes empty in a location where water scarcity is severe. To avoid such situations, it is better to use portable car wash machines with large tanks attached.

You can find auto detailing equipment with tank sizes as large as 300 gallons. Such portable car wash equipment will ensure the working of the machine for up to 10 hours in normal circumstances, depending upon the machine’s flow rate.

If you are familiar with the auto detailing field, you instinctively know the right kind of machines. Power cleaners are good for cleaning hard exterior surfaces, while portable carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaners are suitable for cleaning the soft interior surfaces.

For hard surface cleaning, the right kind of machines will have a reasonable output pressure level, a decent output temperature, and a modest flow rate. The output pressure level should not exceed 1500 psi, otherwise it might result in paint damage of the vehicles.

Similarly, an output steam temperature of up to 250°F is ideal for mobile auto detailing machines. As for the flow rate, the lower the flow rate, the faster the drying.

For cleaning the interiors, you can use a single carpet extractor. By opting for separate carpet and upholstery wands, you can use the same machine as both portable carpet cleaner for cleaning carpeting within homes or businesses, or and as upholstery cleaners to clean fabric and car carpeting.

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