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20 Years of Success and a New Facility

On 1 September 2009, ESTECH Corporation (in Japanese, Kabushiki Kaisha ESTECH) Engineering Solutions & Technologies opened the doors of its new testing facility, and at the same time celebrated 20 years since its inception in 1989. Situated less than 20 km from Yokohama and 40 km from the centre of Tokyo, the two storey, 670m2 test facility includes a 6.5m  8.5m  4.4m hemi-anechoic chamber, an excitation test room measuring 9.1m  13.2m and an associ- ated test preparation room measuring 10.9m  10.3m. The excitation test room, which can be flexibly partitioned, contains two structural beds which are isolated from external vibration. Two cranes, able to handle 2.8 tonnes, are available for moving heavy structures such as engines, tractor cabins and bulky components.

The hemi-anechoic chamber, with less than 7 dBA background noise is a box-in-box construction and so that a vehicle can be run inside, there is air conditioning in the ceiling, temperature control and exhaust extraction. The doors to the chamber are 3.5m high allowing king-sized products and components to be wheeled in. Three of the measurement areas are totally secure, ensuring complete customer confidentiality. The land and premises cost 5 million US dollars, and it is mainly equipped with Brüel& Kjær products including four PULSE D-frames, one LANXI D-frame, Test for I-deas software and a range of transducers.

The Company

ESTECH was established as a joint venture of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the former SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Corporation), and commenced engineering consulting services based on the product development technology of Nissan and the software and analysis expertise of the former SDRC, a pioneer in MCAE (Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering). In 2001, ESTECH was bought by Mechanical Dynamics, Inc., Michigan and in 2002 Mechanical Dynamics were purchased by MSC Software Corp., California.

ESTECH is an engineering consulting company with strong technical expertise in computeraided engineering (CAE), which conducts prognostic evaluation of vibration, noise, mechanics, heat and other aspects of mechanical product performance, and technologies relating to tests undertaken by its laboratories. Consulting services provided by ESTECH have received accolades from major manufacturers in the automobile, electrical and precision machinery industries.

So, it was not surprising that ISID (IT Solution Innovator), also a pioneer in the CAE field in Japan, acquired ESTECH in 2006. The addition of ESTECH as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISID could only strengthen and enhance the CAE solutions provided by the parent company. Today ESTECH boasts 60 employees and hasa capital of 250 million Yen.

Physical Test-driven CAE

ESTECH’s solutions integrate physical and virtual prototyping and testing on noise, vibration, motion, strength, rigidity and thermal phenomena, and CAE is largely used to meet customer challenges. ESTECH’s mission is to correlate mathematical modelling with physical test and thus constantly improve the quality of the mathematical modelling.

Following a Masters Degree from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, Mr. Toshiro Abe joined Nissan as Research Engineer working on projects such as noise reduction of a 4-cylinder engine. He was a founder member of ESTECH and in 2001 became the President of ESTECH.

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