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Estimates of lateral dispersion parameters in low wind speed conditions

Wind speed time series recorded during stable low wind speed conditions are typically non–stationary, with large horizontal oscillations, commonly known as meandering. In this paper, two wavelet–based methods are proposed to obtain lateral dispersion coefficients from such time series. These methods, associated with a specific wind model, have been tested by using wind velocities recorded, with an ultrasonic anemometer, on a typical suburban site located in the southern part of the Paris region (France). Both of them give similar results and differ from classical Briggs's and Doury's parameterisations for standard deviations.

Keywords: low wind speed, stable conditions, lateral dispersion coefficients, sonic anemometer data, wavelet based method, non–stationary wind models, air quality, air pollution, atmospheric dispersion modelling, meandering, time series, France, Paris

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