Estimates of Marginal External Costs of Air Pollution in Europe


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DG Environment has had prepared the Benefits Table (BeTa) database of externalities for air pollution in Europe. BeTa gives the marginal external costs of air pollution (SO2, NOx, VOCs and PM10) in terms of euros per ton of pollutant for each EU Member State. Furthermore, these external costs are divided between rural and urban areas. Finally, preliminary estimates of the externalities from shipping are given for the Eastern Atlantic, Baltic Sea, English Channel, Northern Mediterranean, and North Sea.

The database is largely based on existing data generated by the ExternE project and taking into account the approach to valuation of mortality recommended by economics experts at a workshop convened by DG Environment.

BeTa is spreadsheet-based and well documented so no report was issued. However, as DG Environment wishes to disseminate the results, the default values of BeTa are available in two versions, both in pdf format:

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