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Estimating emissions from adhesives / sealants uses and manufacturing for use in environmental risk assessment

REACH requires that environmental exposure assessments be performed for all uses of dangerous substances that are marketed in the European Union in quantities above 10 tons per year. The quantification of emissions to the environment is a key step in this process. This publication is the first to describe the derivation of release factors and guidance for estimating use rates for quantifying the emissions from the manufacturing and application of adhesives and sealants. Release factors available for coatings/paints are read across to adhesives/sealants based on similarities between these two product groups with regard to chemical composition and to processing during manufacturing and application. The granular emission scenarios in these documents are mapped to the broad emission scenarios for adhesives/sealants. According to the mapping the worst‐case release factor for coatings/paints are identified and assigned to the adhesives/sealants scenarios. The resulting 10 SPERCs for adhesives/sealants are defined by differentiating between solvent and non‐solvent ingredients on one hand, and between water‐borne and solvent‐borne / solvent‐free products on the other. These cover the vast majority of the production processes and uses and are more realistic than the five relevant emission estimation defaults provided in the REACH guidance. They are accompanied with adhesive/sealant consumption rates in the EU and with guidance for estimating conservative substance use rates at a generic level. The approach of combining conservative SPERC release factors with conservative estimates of substance rates is likely to yield emission estimates that tend to over‐predict actual releases. Since this qualifies this approach for use in lower‐tier environmental exposure assessment, the FEICA SPERCs are available in several exposure assessment tools that are used under REACH. Given the limited regional variation in the manufacturing and use processes of adhesives/sealants, the SPERCs may be applicable for emission estimation not only in the EU, but also in other regions. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

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