Estimation of atrazine and simazine concentrations with RaPID ASSAY kits


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ANALYTES: Simazine and atrazine


RANGE OF DETECTION: 0.1 to 3 ppb simazine and 0.1 to 5 ppb atrazine

MATERIALS: Simazine RaPID Assay Kit, Atrazine RaPID Assay Kit

PROCEDURE and ANALYSIS: Evaluate each water sample with both the Simazine and Atrazine RaPID Assay Kits according to their respective kit procedures. Record the sample results from each RaPID Assay method. Interpret the results using the attached charts.

INTERPRETATION: Plot the coordinates of the Atrazine RaPID Assay and the Simazine RaPID Assay results (in ppb) on the two semi-quantitative charts provided. One chart is used to estimate a simazine concentration range. The other is used to estimate an atrazine concentration range. Record the results as a semi-quantitative range described by the chart segment into which the plotted point falls. For example (over), a water sample which produced a Simazine RaPID Assay result of 2 ppb and an Atrazine RaPID Assay result of 1 ppb would be reported as 1 ppb<simazine<2 ppb and 0.1 ppb< atrazine <1 ppb. If the coordinates of the Atrazine RaPID Assay and Simazine RaPID Assay results fall on the semiquantitative range boundaries, estimate the sample concentration as approximately equal to the boundary value.

Best results are obtained when both RaPID Assay methods are run on the same day. If same day analysis is not possible, the samples should be stored for no longer than one week at 4°C in glass vials with Teflon caps.

Samples were spiked with mixtures containing 0 to 4 ppb of one or both analytes (simazine and atrazine) before analysis by this procedure. Results on sample mixtures fell within the correct semi-quantitative ranges for both analytes. The presence of other triazine compounds or metabolites may affect sample data interpretation using these charts. As with any screening procedure, positive results should be confirmed by conventional analytical methods.

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