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ET`s Acquisition of Casella Monitor’s UK Service & Maintenance Business - The Real Story


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On 30th March 2012 ET and Casella Monitor completed an agreement whereby ET acquired the UK service and maintenance business for air quality monitoring from Casella.

The agreement included the transfer of all 6 field based Casella Monitor’s Service Engineers to ET, all of Casella Monitor’s service contracts for air quality monitoring support and the entire stock of Casella’s spare parts.

Casella Monitor and Enviro Technology recognises the importance of a smooth and seamless transition and will continue to jointly work hard to ensure that customers receive the very best care and attention before, during and after the transfer.

Casella Perspective.

Casella Monitor a division of Ideal Industries Ltd, made the strategic decision to divest the UK air quality monitoring service business and focus on their core markets which are hand-held instrumentation for noise and dust monitoring and also meteorological instrumentation which they have been involved with for over 100 years.

Therefore early in 2012, Casella Monitor and Ideal Industries began a search of potential acquirers for their service and maintenance business.

Several UK companies were researched and investigated and ultimately the decision was made that Enviro Technology Services Plc was by far the most suitable and preferable potential partner and initial contact with ET was then made and discussions ensued.

Says Phil Bradley, Casella Monitor’s long standing Air Quality Monitoring Service Manager at the time “the criteria we were looking at when selecting a potential acquirer were:  size of the organisation, reputation, financial stability, trustworthiness and the capability to offer long term security for our transferring service engineers and also of course, complete confidence in the organisations ability to carry on supporting our customers to our very high standards”.

“Ultimately” continues Phil, “there was only one company that we could really consider, and that was Enviro Technology Services Plc”.

Phil remains at Casella Monitor and after 16 years developing  Casella Monitor’s service team is moving on to a brand new role within Casella.

ET Perspective.

ET is keen to point out that the initial approach was made by Casella Monitor and not vice-versa.

With the largest team of AQM and CEMS service engineers in the UK before the acquisition, ET did not have any specific plans to expand the service business but after initial discussion with Casella Monitor it was clear that there were mutual benefits for both companies.

Duncan Mounsor, ET’s Sales & Marketing Director explains “As one of the UK’s (and World’s) longest standing suppliers of AQM and CEMS systems and services, each year we supply more and more systems both in the UK and overseas, and these all require service and support. After almost 30 years in the industry, we have sold hundreds of systems and several thousand analysers”.

“Therefore” continues Duncan, “the service department at ET is always growing.  This growth mirrors and is driven by our successes with product and systems sales both in the UK and overseas”.

“Casella Monitor, like ET, has always had a good reputation for quality and support and an excellent and well managed team of service engineers, and so ultimately says Duncan, when the Casella opportunity was presented to us, it made sound commercial and operational sense to move things forward”.

ET’s Managing Director Steve Read concludes “I am delighted that we have finalised our deal with Casella Monitor and not only is it the best result for ET and Casella but also of course for both of our respective sets of customers. We intend to run the expanded service team exactly as before and we have made sure that they have retained the same service areas and customers. They even have the same mobile phone numbers so that the relationships they have made with customers can be continued, so business as usual, but with the added benefit of the ET organisation behind them”.

Steve continues “Now with the largest team of skilled and experienced service engineers in the business, we can offer even higher levels of service and support and the most choice of service options, plans and even “bespoke” contracts to all of our customers, both large and small”


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