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ETLS pumps for Valemon oil production field - Case Study


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The Valemon oil production field offers recoverable oil and gas reserves, estimated to be approximately 26 billion m3 of gas and 31 million barrels of condensates, which makes it one of the biggest undeveloped gas fields in the North Sea. Cameron Ltd, one of the chosen contractors for the project run by Statoil, approached Rodelta as one of the few suppliers that was able to meet the stringent Norsok regulations and supply API approved pumps in their short timescale.

The Solution

The pumps need to be installed on a new platform, designed to recover oil and gas from the ocean bed 135 m below. They will be acting as boosters to the main service pumps that will deliver the large volumes of sea water into the field to drive out the reserves. Our ETLS range was easily able to meet the system duty point and our model 50-1-200a in particular offered a very high efficiency. The compact ETLS format also works well in the confines of the platform while offering a cost-effective solution.

The lead time was an important factor in the choice of supplier. Our ability to restructure our internal workload and due to close liaison with our suppliers means that we were able to significantly reduce our lead time for this particular project.

The technical experience of our engineering teams, combined with our ability to communicate with our customer has also contributed to the design of the pump and system infrastructure. This has helped to head off the problems that easily occur in a project of this size.

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