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EU offers Belarus advice on environmental protection

The European Union has a special relationship with its closest neighbours around its eastern and southern borders. This is called the European Neighbourhood Policy. Through this policy, the EU works to support the political, economic and social reform processes of its neighbours, and to draw them closer to the EU, notably through gradual economic integration. This will allow for the further extension of a zone of prosperity, stability and security, thus sharing with the people of Belarus the benefits the EU (which includes three of Belarus’ neighbours -Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) has built over the last 50 years.

The EU is already working with Belarus’ neighbours and partners and would of course like to build such a relationship with Belarus. This would contribute to reinforcing Belarussian links with countries that are part of the European Neighbourhood Policy already, such as Ukraine and Moldova. At the same time, this would fully respect traditional Belarussian relationships with our other common neighbour, Russia, which is also a strategic partner for the EU.

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