EUMETSAT contributes to global monitoring for environment and security

Governments, industry, commerce, and the general public in Europe and around the world are increasingly aware that the necessary economic growth and development has to be achieved without detriment to the environment. Achieving this goal requires good management and planning. Also, understanding the environment is a complex issue and information is required on global, regional and local scales. Observation networks, in combination with computer assimilation and modelling methods, are therefore vital for a better understanding of the vast forces at work on our planet.

EUMETSAT, Europe’s Meteorological Satellite Organisation, is uniquely equipped to contribute to the global effort to address the challenges of climate and environmental change. As an intergovernmental European organisation with the mandate to monitor weather, climate and the detection of climate changes, its fleet of satellites and supporting ground segments are already providing a wealth of environmental and climate data and products that are distributed to a global user community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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