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Europe imagines the ‘Port of the Future’


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On October 11-13 Envirosuite’s General Manager for Europe, Chaim Kolominskas, travelled to Amsterdam to present to the 2017 GreenPort Congress as part of a session on the Port of the Future.

The GreenPort Congress is the largest conference focussed on balancing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability at ports.

The GreenPort Congress has become a highly important event on the maritime industry’s calendar. Global shipping services continue to increase. There are currently 3029 shipping ports registered in Europe, and 91% of ports are urban ports – surrounded by dense communities with growing populations. A recent survey of communities near ports in Europe found that air quality is now the number one issue of concern for these communities.

European maritime authorities are therefore seeking new approaches to address the increasing challenges that communities are placing upon the port sector.

Balancing operational performance, sustainability and community requirements

In his opening address, Port of Amsterdam CEO Koen Overtoon touched on the balance of operational performance, sustainability and community health that European Ports need to maintain before going further in today’s business climate.

“We’re armed with a strong competitive position and concerned for the environment, our surrounding area and society. That’s more than just idealism, because I’m convinced that to become more sustainable is the only way to survive. A modern port can play an important role in the transition from tradition to sustainable energy…. It can play a role in improving work and living conditions in a world by taking responsibility for the whole supply chain.” (Sourced from official YouTube coverage of the event)

After Overtoon’s opening session the congress continued to various sessions aimed to address the sustainability challenges that different ports face. Transitional fuels, climate change, waste management, community and stakeholder engagement were some of the many issues faced and it is clear that ports face increasing complexity in the issues that they need to manage as well as how they engage with the regulators and community.

Translating environmental data into operational value

Chaim Kolominskas discussed the challenges that ports face in the collection and management of all the data that they collect, as well as ways to generate value by harnessing the power or real-time and predictive management. The key themes from Chaim’s presentation were:

  • Clever design is needed so that operators of ports understand, in real-time or in advance, whether an environmental problem exists or is emerging.
  • Strong science needs to be translated in real-time into a form that anyone in the business can use.
  • The way that environmental data is distributed and communicated needs to match the needs of the business.

Chaim then showed some examples of how ports had used these principles to identify the source of air quality problems (such as dust, sulfur dioxide or odour) in real-time using integrated systems of sensors and software for real-time and predictive management.

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