European Investment Bank (EIB) - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Project Results and Impacts

  • Integration of Sustainability criteria in the EIB overall strategy
  • Involvement of all related decision-makers in the development process of CSR
  • Measurements on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performance against predetermined targets
  • Implementation of  targeted CSR actions to achieve EIB’s corporate and sustainability goals

CSE Solution CSR  Scorecard for Return on Sustainability (RoS)

CSE supported EIB in creating an advanced Scorecard, identifying key CSR objectives and finding key performance indicators (KPIs) for continued measurement and improvement. Additionally, CSE related CSR objectives to measurable results for the identification of Return on Sustainability (RoS), a concept created by CSE in 2009.

About European Investment Bank (EIB)...

European Investment Bank (EIB), the leading financing institution of the European Union, was created by the Treaty of Rome. Its owners are the Member States of the European Union, who subscribe to the Bank’s capital – 164 billion (Euros).


EIB  wanted to systematically integrate CSR into Policy, Strategy & Reporting via an advanced CSR Scorecard, identifying Return on Sustainability.

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