European progress towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP)


Courtesy of European Environment Agency (EEA)

The questions are formulated from the perspective of the policy-maker.

Example questions from Part B include:

  • Are we reducing our rates of depletion of key non-renewable resources?
  • Are we seeing rapid transfer of eco-efficiency technology into building design, and are resulting gains being complimented by changing behaviour?

Example questions from Part C include:

  • Is spending on R&D in eco-innovations and environmental technologies increasing its share
    in GDP?
  • Are sustainable products becoming more affordable than their less sustainable alternatives?

Next stages

The EEA is in the process of producing indicators for addressing the policy questions. First results on SCP progress in Europe are scheduled for 2010 with further improvements by 2012.

Further information

The EEA's SCP indicator reporting framework is available in a web-based format at: Results of indicator implementation will be available via and

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