European Project on Portable Emissions Measurement Systems: `EU-PEMS` Project


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The European Commission through DG ENTR in co-operation with DG JRC launched in January 2004 a co-operative research programme to study the feasibility of portable emission measurement systems (PEMS) with a view to their application in Europe for in-use conformity (IUC) checking of heavy-duty vehicles. A six month planning phase between January and June 2004 concluded with the closure of the Call for Expression of interest published by DG ENTR. The technical and experimental activities started in August 2004 to study the use of PEMS systems and their potential application for on-road emissions measurement on heavy-duty vehicles.

Project objectives

The main objectives of the EU-PEMS project were defined as follows:

  • To assess and validate the application and performance of different portable instrumentation relative to each other, and in comparison with alternative options for IUC testing;
  • To define a test protocol for the use of portable instrumentation within the IUC of heavy-duty vehicles;
  • To evaluate the US ‘Not To Exceed’ (NTE) approach and possibly develop a simplified method in order to propose IUC pass/fail criteria;
  • To address the need of the European industry, authorities and test houses to learn about the application of such systems.

Once the research and development works have reached a satisfactory status, the intention is to make the test protocol and its data evaluation tools available for a PEMS IUC pilot programme, involving the European heavy-duty industry and National Authorities with the support of the Commission.

Overview of the work progress:

The main contributions can be summarised as such:

  • The European Commission through DG JRC, acting in close cooperation with DG ENTR, prepared and co-ordinated the programme. In particular, DG JRC followed-up and executed the vehicle road tests in co-operation with ACEA. It also co-ordinated the data analysis required to examine the test results together with the relevant experts of the participating organisations.
  • ACEA (with its members DAF, MAN, Iveco, Daimler, Volvo Powertrain, Scania) provided the test vehicles and co-operated with DG JRC to perform the on-road tests;
  • Sensors Inc, Horiba, AVL and Control Sistem supplied the portable systems and provided training and product support whenever necessary;
  • National laboratories (TNO, RWTÜV, IDIADA) involved in type approval
    and in-IUC have provided ad-hoc technical support based on their own

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