EUROTRAC-2: Winner of EUREKA Lillehammer award

EUROTRAC-2 has won this year's EUREKA Lillehammer Award ('Improving Europe's Environment'), which recognises the EUREKA project that has outstanding environmental benefits. The award ceremony will take place on June 18th during the EUREKA Ministerial Conference in Paris.

The EUROTRAC-2 Executive Group is working out a plan by which the prize money (€10,000) can go back into the EUROTRAC-2 community in the form of an award for young scientists. The EUREKA office in Brussels will be putting together a press pack for the award ceremony.

Every year, EUREKA recognises the contribution made by a project to improving Europe`s environment, developing sustainable solutions to the problems of waste and pollution.

EUROTRAC-2: Winner of EUREKA Lillehammer award
The Award was established in 1994 by the then Norwegian Chair, in the town whose name it bears. The laureate receives €10,000, together with a woodcut picture by Norwegian artist Niclas Gulbrandsen.
EUROTRAC-2: Winner of EUREKA Lillehammer award

Niclas Gulbrandsen (born 1930) has devoted himself to black-and-white woodcut after studying painting. He makes skilful use of unaffected techniques to emphasise body language. The prize picture imagine a musical moment between violin and grand piano.

EUROTRAC-2 was a project within the EUREKA initiative focusing on transport and chemical transformation of environmentally relevant trace constituents in the lower atmosphere over Europe.

Its aim was to improve the quantitative understanding of air pollution including the factors determining the formation, transport, chemical transformation, deposition and impact of photo-oxidants, aerosols, acidifying substances, mercury and persistent organic compounds in the troposphere. The final results of the project was presented at the EUROTRAC Final Event `Towards Cleaner Air for Europe` in Berlin, March 18/19, 2003. The results are also presented in two books, Towards Cleaner Air for Europe – Science, Tools and Applications, Part 1 and Part 2. The results are also available and can be downloaded as pdf-files -- see link below.

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) has been deeply involved in EUROTRAC-2 project on many levels. EUROTRAC-2 is a `bottom up” project organised around a number of scientific subprojects and administered by three committees and a scientific secretariat. Director of the Department for Regional and Global Pollution Issues at NILU, Kjetil Tørseth, is Vice Chair in the Environmental Assessment Group (EAG). It can also be pointed that the former Director of NILU, Øystein Hov, is also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC).
EUROTRAC-2: Winner of EUREKA Lillehammer award

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