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Evaluation of multi-group emergency management with multimedia

An evaluation of a prototype Multi-Group Operational Risk Management Decision Aid (MGORMDA) in an exercise environment is presented. The exercise follows the scenario of a drill that was conducted at Niagara Mohawk Nine Mile Point Nuclear Power Station Unit 2, in New York State. Several incidents were simulated, where the emergency operations room of the plant had to deal with the damage and restore the plant to normal operations. The MGORMDA system was programmed in a multimedia environment on a local area network. Two exercises were performed with experienced emergency managers. Reaction times to make decisions in the distributed setting confirmed the user-friendliness and real-time capability of the system. The employed decision logic turned out to be effective if enough training is provided. The prototype demonstrated its potential for improving decision-making, resulting in better emergency operations room management.

Keywords: decision support systems, operational risk management, multimedia, emergency response, nuclear power generation

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