Evaluation of the absorption bed`s efficiency under the Ecoflo Biofilter

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The Ecoflo Biofilter is a wastewater treatment system designed for the sanitary drainage of decentralized dwellings. Preceded by a scptic tank, the chain of treatment comprises a biofiltration unit and a polishing field allowing the treated wastewater to be absorbed by the rcceptor ground. The Ecoflo Biofilter performances have been evaluated by numerous organizations (MDDEP, BNQ, NSF, CSTB, etc.) for the last 20 years. All studies have demonstrated that the system produces an effluent with concentrations much lower than the criteria required for an advanced secondary treatment level which is 15 mg/L in TSS and BOD5, and 50 000 FCU/100 mL in fecal coliforms. However, little data have been collected to this day to assess the efficiency of the absorption bed or of the polishing field receiving the waters treated by the Ecoflo' Biofilter.

Within the process of the approval of the Ecoflo ' technology in the State of Virginia, an independent study has been realized from 2003 to 2007 to determined the quality of the waters treated by the system comprising an Ecoflo' Biofilter and a 30 cm thick absorption bed in accordance with the State requirements. This study was directed by Dr Robert Rubin, respected professor emeritus at North Carolina University.

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